Friday, May 22, 2015

Final science blog

 Science this year was fantastic. I thought that science this year was fun and interesting. We did many challenging projects. For instance we did a hot air ballon design challenge. This challenge was awesome because after we built them we were able to fly them. Most of the balloons failed but some managed to rise. This was probably one of my favorite projects. We also did a lunar lander design challenge, a marshmallow tower, a earthquake resistant structure, and an egg drop challenge. My favorite out of all of them was probably the earthquake resistant structure challenge. My least favorite was probably the egg drop. Most of these projects were failures but we learned a ton about the engineering process. This year we also went on a trip to stone lab. At stone lab we dissected fish and learned about the ecosystem around us. All in all this was a pretty great year of science.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Modern genetics assess

The study of genetics affects us all in some way. I learned this during the genetics chapter we just completed in science class. During this chapter we learned all about how genetics effects organisms at the cellular level. For instance one topic that interested me was the lesson on how and why you get certain traits. I learned that traits pass from parents to their offspring through alleles. There are two types of alleles. One type is a dominant allele. Dominant alleles always show up in the organism if they are present. The other type is a recessive allele. A recessive allele can be in the organism but if a dominant allele is present the recessive alleles trait is not expressed. An example of this is the trait of free and attached ear lobes. You can have the allele for attached earlobes but if the allele for free ear lobes is present the allele for the attached ear lobe is not expressed. We also learned about sex chromosomes. A sex chromosome is one of the 23 chromosomes in each cell. It controls weather you are a male or a female. Females only carry the X chromosome but the ale carries the X and Y chromosome. Which means that there is a 50/50 chance that the child is either a male or a female. We also learned about genetic disorders.there are many different types of genetic disorders. One example is static fibrosis. Substitute fibrosis is a genetic disorder that causes thick mucus to build up in the lungs and intestines. I thought the lesson on traits and how they are passed down was the most interesting lesson on genetics for me. I thought the lesson on the sex chromosomes was the least interesting because I already knew some of it and the other information I learned I didn't think was interesting. Genes are very prominent in my life. For example I'm very tall just like my dad. I also have blonde hair like my grandparents. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life science quick write

I already know about the cell cycle and I also know about heredity from health class. I think I will be most interested in the human inheritance unit. I think this will be the most interesting to me because I think learning how the cells exchange genes from the parents to their children. I think one other thing that seems interesting is the causes of genetic disorders because I think learning about how these awe full things take place can help scientists prevent them from happening in the future. Lastly I think learning about Charles Darwin and his observations will be very interesting because his research is the basis for a lot of today's science.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wind tunnel


The water moves very slow because the river meanders very sharply for a long distance.
It also is a very narrow river. That is also a factor in the speed of the water.

Monday, November 24, 2014

erosion simulation

The slope gradient greatly changed the amount of erosion. For instance if the slope of the terrain increases it causes more erosion and less runoff occurred when the slope gradient decreased. Also the more vegetation the terrain had the less runoff occurred. Just like with the slope gradient the less vegetation the more runoff. The more rainfall that occurs the more runoff occurs because causes more erosion.
    The best situation that would cause the least amount of erosion would be if the terrain was flat and filled with vegetation it would also need to have a very light amount of rainfall. The worst situation would be very heavy rainfall, a steep slope gradient and no vegetation. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Connection to me

My two favorite topics this year in eighth grade science were earth history and earths time periods. I thought the earth history was very interesting because it was all about the history of common scientific theories and facts. I thought earths time periods was interesting because it puts int perspective how much little space our history takes up in the earths lifetime.
       One topic that I though had no effect on my future and did not interest me was the life science concepts unit. This topic I thought was really boring. It did not interest me in the slightest. I do not believe that this topic will have any connection to my future career or otherwise. I can understand how this might interest some people but to me this lesson did not peak my interests.
       I thought that the engineering and design challenges were wildly fun and interesting. The marshmallow tower helped me understand the process of engineering and how something can always be changed. The lunar lander project opened my. Eyes to how many things can be done with limited materials. The earthquake resistant building showed me that science has come a long way with earthquake resistant buildings. For instance just using base isolators can save a family from a devastating earthquake. These all have peaked my curiosity in entering engineering as a career field.